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What My Mother Taught Me

We learn so many things from our parents. But something that I will always be grateful to my mother for teaching me is that I can have anything I want–as long as I’m willing to work hard to get it.

She is clever in her life lessons. When you work toward something and are investing your time and energy in the acquisition of whatever it is that you want, you begin to look at what you want differently. You’ll ask yourself “Do I really want to spend all this time working for this? Is it worth it?”

The answers to those questions will usually alter the desires or “wants” that you have. Cold Stone Creamery has a huge ice cream serving that they have labeled the “gotta have it”.  Giving of yourself to gain something will let you know fairly quickly if you just “gotta have it”.

And mom was right (she always is). I know when something is important enough to dig in and give it my all and when it is only a passing fancy. My “gotta have it” is writing. I will work as hard as I have to in order to achieve the goal I’ve set for myself.

So, if you just “gotta have it”, GO FOR IT with all your might.

Have a Jesus-filled week.


Newbie Advice on the Craft of Writing–Practice

Words have amazing power. They can make us laugh or cry, or cringe or grit our teeth. When strung together on a page the way some of the great writers of our time do, they evoke feelings and moods that transport us to other realities that can thrill, chill, or warm our hearts. It is hard not to be affected by words.

Will I ever write like Nora Roberts or Danielle Steele? I doubt it, for a lot of reasons. One being, I’m me, not them. They are great for the way they can spin a story so enticing it pulls you in with the first page and holds you enraptured until the last page. They didn’t come by that ability overnight.

Athletes, artists, and yes–writing, or rather, writing well, is considered an art. The same principle applies to both. Practice. Just like a baseball player or a golfer has to practice their swing, a writer has to practice the craft of writing. So while the football team is watching film clips of this week’s opponent over and over, looking for weaknesses in the defense and offense, a writer studies and reads books on how to improve their writing. We then put those lessons and techniques into action, by putting words on the page with those newly learned concepts in mind.

It takes many drafts to create a story worth submitting to an agent or publisher for consideration. If you haven’t taken your practice shots (drafts 1-10), weeding out the passive voice, the backstory, the stilted dialogue, the head-hopping points of view, or the unanswered story questions, your story isn’t ready for a professional’s eyes.

Editing is frustrating. But it’s a necessary frustration. You will require less editing, which translates into fewer drafts of your story, the more you practice (WRITE). Trust me on this. I know published authors that can submit a second draft to their agent/publisher and consider themselves finished with the project until their editor sends them the revisions.

Don’t give up on your dream of being a published author because it’s too hard. Earning something because you worked hard to achieve it, is one of the most satisfying feeling in the world. We always appreciate what we had to work to get more than something that’s just handed to us.

So good luck with your writing and practice what you learn after reading a How To book on writing.

Hello and Welcome

I wanted to say hello and welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting. I hope that through my weekly (at minimum) posts I can encourage you and maybe sometimes cause you to stop and think about the inspiration and influence God has on your life by sharing how He impacts mine.

Today I read a wonderful blog post by an author who talked about words and their power. She was right. We have all heard “sticks and stone may break your bones, but words will never hurt you”.

Has someone every said something critical to you or about you? And I’m not referring to something said in the sense of edification, but the mean, petty, vindictive sense. Those words cut. The wounds heal, but if the comment came from someone you love and/or trust, the slice reaches deep. Your heart will heal but there will always be a scar that bears witness to the injury.

Remember that when you lose patience with someone and your manner is curt, it’s a lot easier to not have said something than to have to ask for forgiveness from the wounded party and God.

The power of words:  As a writer, I strive to use them in a manner that touches you, amuses you, and makes you have an “ahhhh” moment like when you bite into a piece of  warm chocolate lava cake. I hope you have many moments like that. After all, they’re calorie free.  <grin>

 God’s blessings and mercy on you.

Kay Hudson

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