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They say that it takes six weeks before a repetitive action becomes a habit. We shall see. I have signed on to participate is a 16 member blog roll. We’re going to pick a topic each month and on Wednesdays we’re going to reveal a little something about ourselves to you and you can in turn, share your experiences in the comments section. There will be a full list of all the participants at the end of my post and they should include hyperlinks, so all you have to do is click on the link and you will be on your way along the super highway of the internet to some fun and happy real life events.

I will start with the time of day we held the ceremony and reception. I’m from the South–SEC Football and Basketball–South. I wanted an April wedding but my hubby talked me into waiting until September. Then as we were deciding the time for the ceremony, he didn’t want to wear a tuxedo so it had to be before 6 pm. I even wore a gown that was tea-length so he wouldn’t be underdressed.

I wanted it at 4 pm. He explained that we needed to hold the service at 2 and start the reception right away. I thought it was so sweet that he had such a specific opinion about the timing of the ceremony. Until——he said we had to get the reception over with quickly because Florida was playing Tennessee at six o’clock and most people would want to get home for the game. Even his groom’s cake looked like a college football field, so you know he was one of those “most people.” (Please don’t think he’s all bad, there were several people we invited who said the reason they couldn’t attend was because they already had tickets to the game.)

The wedding was special and the reception was a time of celebration even if most of the men there kept a close eye on their watches.

Go Team!!!!!!!

BUT THE MORE INTERESTING QUESTION TO ASK IS:  What are some of the memorable highlights from your wedding?  Please share below in the comments.

And even though June is thought of as the month for weddings, we chose April because the awesomely talented Kat Cantrell has TWO books releasing this month that relate to weddings. Here’s the scoop.      Kat Cantrell April Release cover_ex


kat cantrell April Second Book Release cover_fftf


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About KD Fleming

KD Fleming's romance writing adventure began on a dare. But the real adventure started after she discovered she had the heart of a storyteller. Writing both sweet and inspirational stories about strong women who could be any one of us, her heroines are sassy and fierce. And once their hearts are engaged by the man who is destined for them, there's no chance the hero won't fall--but what a way to go. KD lives in sunny Florida with her hero husband of 15+ years. She loves music (all things Casting Crowns and OneRepublic), Marvel Movies--ALL things Avengers (ahem, *Robert Downey, Jr*, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, and Mark Ruffalo). Oh my! She spends her time taking care of her family, reading, writing, cooking, and coming up with new ideas for fun romance stories.

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  1. Great wedding story, Karen! I never thought about having to plan a wedding around sporting events, but I can see that being an issue with real sports fans. I guess we didn’t run into that with a June wedding.

    • I think we’ve had a conversation about the Gators never being able to play the Bucs, so I can totally see you not having to think about the time of a football game. But with June, you would have to think about a baseball game–possibly. 😉

  2. How funny, KD. I can just picture a bunch of men (and women) standing around, eating cake, and keeping an eye on the time so they watch a game.
    You are a good woman indeed. 🙂

    • Sharon,
      I’ve been to many a wedding where there’s a cluster of men & women huddled around a small screen trying to keep their enthusiasm contained so as not to draw added attention to their obsession.

  3. As soon as I read “SEC country” I was thinking definitely a spring or summer wedding. Then when you said your hubby asked for a September wedding, I thought, “Okay, maybe he’s one of the rare individuals in SEC country who doesn’t watch sports.”

    But as I kept reading your post, I realized, “Nope, he’s definitely a sports fan. Even better, he’s a Gator sports fan!” 🙂

    Fall football Saturdays are blocked off on our house calendar. We plan travel around Gator home games.

    I’ve been to a wedding where the groom and his groomsmen made sure there was a television with cable at the reception. Thankfully, my Gators had already played so I didn’t have to arm wrestle anyone to put my game on instead of theirs. 🙂

    It’s great to hear crazy fan stories from others. My family has way too many to share! 🙂

    • He is a die-hard Gator fan and has turned me into one too. One time I had a little boy come up to me and ask if I was Tim Tebow’s mom. I wish. My hubs said if I was, he was getting cheated because we had seats in the sunshine section. I think we were able to reach out and touch the Blue Angels as they did their fly-by one year. 😉 And we have scheduled January vacations around basketball games. (Forgot the tickets at home and had to have my sister UPS them to us at the hotel because we’d planned our return trip home to arrive in Gainesville in time for tip off.)

    • I don’t remember. I was horribly sick with a sinus infection. We had booked our honeymoon cruise for the next week, so I went to bed early–alone. He came in later and just held me when I wasn’t coughing and the meds were working to keep the headache at bay. (Count on me to use the “not tonight, I have a headache” excuse on that night of all nights.) 😉

  4. Karen,
    I’m married to a football fanatic too, so I totally understand this! Glad it all worked out and no one missed the game!

    • We don’t give men enough credit. When it’s something they love, they can come up with some pretty creative ways to please us while still getting what they want too. 😉

  5. I went to Florida State myself, so I can well believe that story! Sounds like he’s more than redeemed himself over the years.

    • Kay, his brother and mine are huge FSU fans.
      Over the years whenever he gets tickets to a game for the two of us, he doesn’t like it if one of his friend’s wants to go in my place. I’ve offered to bow out because I’d rather watch basketball live (much cooler) and he gets upset with me. He’s adamant that he wants me to go. I tease him that it’s because I pack a better picnic lunch for tailgating. 😉

  6. Karen,
    The hoops your husband hopped through instead of simply saying… “I HAVE TO see the game.” are too funny. I’m sure he’s made up for an lapse in his attention, though. 🙂 Loved your highlight.

  7. Karen, What a funny highlight. All your husband had to say was, “I really, really have to see the game.” Such ammunition for the future..lol. I’m sure he’s more than made up for it in creative ways. Loved your story.

    • Jean,

      In our small town there is a large college sports following. He was right about it being a conflict. The joke, I guess, is that he didn’t check the game schedule before we set the date. Talk about “save the date”. 😉

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