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She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain–anytime now. Squee!!!

Coming Sept 2014

The Pemberly Series


Isn’t it pretty? My very first published book will be available for purchase on September 1, 2014. It’s my Golden Heart winner, Love’s Advocate,–renamed, Campaigning for Love.

And book 2, Capturing the Minister’s Heart, with Jeremy and Abby is right behind it, releasing February 1, 2015.

There are so many people to thank for encouraging me and helping me reach this amazing milestone. Thank you, thank you for your support and faith in me. God truly blessed me when He opened my eyes to the amazing power of healing words can have on a broken heart.

I hope each story of mine that you read supports my mission statement:  Using Stories of Faith to Share Hope.

Again, thank you for turning my dream into a reality.

Here are the buy links. You can pre-order if you like so that it’s sent to you in time for the Sept 1st release. It won’t be in any stores, but print copies are available through all on-line retail outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Family Christian Bookstore, Christian Books, and many others. I thank you in advance for your support and hope you enjoy Nick & Kat’s story of forgiveness and happily ever after.

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The Month of Thanks


I’m reading so many posts about all the things different people are giving thanks for. So, I’m going to jump in and give my thanks–to God and what He allows me to learn from His people each day.

I try to keep my personal and writing lives separate to some extent, but the last two years have posed the biggest challenge for me and I’ve wondered if I would survive in one piece. We lost my mother-in-law unexpectedly in May. I moved into my in-law’s house that day and became the main caregiver for my father-in-law who had been home under hospice care for a year already. Then he passed away in July.

Needless to say, there wasn’t much writing going on during the first eight months of this year. There are MANY other people that I’ve spoken to in random conversations that made me feel ashamed that I considered my problems and struggles too hard to handle. For those people, thank you for showing me your strength when you probably felt your weakest. You renewed my hope and helped grow my faith. I’ve said prayers for you and you have been a burden on my heart that I bring to God in prayer often.

God has taught me patience (this is not a lesson I ever wanted to learn from practice) when I didn’t even know I was in the classroom of life taking the course. I think I may have earned a “C” and that’s if there was a curve. So I will probably have to repeat that class several times.

But God has used music, specifically my love and appreciation for all things Casting Crowns, and the lyrics and scriptures of their songs to open my heart and my eyes to new truths that apply to whatever I’m dealing with at the time and then something new the next time I listen to the words or read the scriptures.

Thank you God for Your amazing love and the grace You grant me to try again when I don’t get it right the first time.

And thank you for the most wonderful friends in the writing world and my church who are like family to me and my family by birth. And my husband, there aren’t enough words to thank you for him. I want to be a source of encouragement and hope to each person when they face their darkest time as You allowed them to be for me.

Be Brave Enough to…

The Maker of Heaven and Earth


Maker of Heaven and Earth

Have faith. Trust. Try again. Write with Intent.

All of the actions listed above have 1 thing in common. Reliance on something outside ourselves. And that reliance on “something” can be scary. But you wouldn’t be considered brave or faithful if it was easy, now would you?

That’s why it’s called a “leap of faith”. You are venturing forth into realms unknown to you. But my theme or life lesson that I instill in each story that I write is that with faith comes hope. And where there is hope, there is triumph, because you are believing in something–SOMEONE–much bigger and stronger than yourself.

God.  He made the sun come up this morning and he’ll raise the moon tonight. All you can do for light is flip a switch and if you didn’t pay the electric bill, you’re still in the dark.

So have faith. Trust in God. And when you veer off-course, asking Him to guide you back. And when you write, share His love. It’s the happiest happily ever after you’ll find.

I want to be brave. And I will ask God to help me do just that every day. Will you?

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